Songs are filed alphabetically with Public Domain songs in one group and licensed material in another. Most song folders will contain a PowerPoint file, a subfolder with the TIFF files used to generate the PowerPoint, and the Finale file from which the TIFFs were created. Finale 2005 or newer should be used to view the Finale files.

Some songs are words-only. These folders will contain at least a PowerPoint file and may also contain the original Keynote file. Note that Century Schoolbook and Futura fonts must be installed to render these slides properly.

A user name and password are required to access the licensed material.

Select a song category by clicking on one of the images below:

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Attention Copyright Holders: If you believe that we have mistakenly placed your song in our PD file, please contact us via the email link in the sidebar above so that we can correct our error immediately.